Coronavirus, Parental Rights, and Court Operations

Posted on: March 27, 2020

As this extended school absence continues and we are all dealing with Covid-19, the judges of Rutherford County have issued a decree dictating how parenting plans are to be followed during this unusual time.  Please see the attached order for examples and exceptions of parental rights during an epidemic or pandemic.

The Tennessee Supreme Court has also issued mandates regarding the operation and access of all Tennessee courts.  Our courts are still technically open, but public appearances are very limited at least through April 30th.  Only certain matters, deemed necessary, are being heard, including probate estates, orders of protection, most criminal proceedings, and other matters considered emergencies.  There will be no evictions through the end of April, unless extraordinary circumstances are presented.  Local judges in each county are given some leeway in determining the manner in which in-person court proceedings are to be conducted.

Although court proceedings are delayed, documents may still be filed and the practice of law continues.  Most out-of court activities including mediation, preparing for trial, contract drafting, and estate planning have not stopped.  The technology at our disposal has made this pandemic more manageable than it would have been even five years ago.

If you have any questions about the attached, any other legal matter, or the current operation of our courts, please do not hesitate to contact us at 615-895-5566 or email

For the 16th District Standing Order, read here.

For Tennessee Court Orders, Rule, and Policies related to Coronavirus, read here.





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