Ask an Attorney: Do I have to join my neighborhood’s HOA?

Posted on: June 1, 2018

Q:  I think my subdivision has a homeowners’ association.  Do I have to be a part of it?

A:  In most cases, yes, you do have to be a part the HOA.  When you purchased your property, you most likely became bound by the subdivision restrictive covenants.  Restrictive covenants will typically allow for the formation of a homeowners’ association and require that each homeowner become a member of the association.  Homeowners’ Associations are important for the general upkeep of the neighborhood and for the enforcement of the restrictive covenants.  Most HOA’s require the payment of monthly, quarterly, or yearly dues to further these goals.  Since you are automatically a member of the association upon purchasing the property, you will be required to pay these dues, if any, and you will be subject to the rules and regulations of the association.

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